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Check out our Vehicles page for a selection of the many 4x4, Allwheel drive and SUV vehicles that we have available for Hire and Rental in New Zealand - we give you a choice of 4X4 High and Low radio gearbox, and with diesel and petrol options to suit your purpose.

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Please use our Quotation form on the left to request specific pricing and availability information for our 4WD and SUV vehicles from our New Zealand Auckland Airport or Christchurch locations and now in Queenstown. Please be aware that not all vehicles are available at all selected sites. Check under "Vehicles For Hire".

Whether your 4WD rental is for going skiing, fishing, some sporting adventure, or simply to get the job done, the necessity of the 4x4 will ensure a more pleasurable and safer hire. Check out our Vehicles page for a selection of the wide range of vehicles we have available for hire or rent.

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