Ground Clearance For Different Vehicles

Ground Clearance will alter between vehicle setup and Manufacturer.

Ground clearance for different 4WD vehiclesBeam axle vehicles are generally the larger heavy duty 4wd vehicle with a separate chassis.

Vehicles such as Jeep Cherokee, LandRover Discovery, Toyota Landcrusier Nissan Patrol. These vehicles have coil spring suspension above the axle giving good ground clearance Beam Axle vehicles will have clearance of approx 300mm at axle and 220mm at diff head. The clearance remains constant under load as the engine and transmission is mounted to the suspended chassis.

Wish bone Suspension vehicles with a separate Chassis

Here the diff is mounted up in a cradle or as part of the engine and Transmission and allows the axles to move up and down with the suspension The suspension has lower control arms that suspend lower than the axle making them the lowest part. The clearance at suspension remains at approx 240mm and the transmission moving up and down 210 to 260mm.

Remember as the suspension moves up and down the chassis moves up and down also reducing its clearance Under hard bounce or load the suspension clearance remains the same but the diff and along with everything else drops lower. Typical vehicles with this setup is the Toyota Hi Lux Surf, Nissan Pathfinder, Mazda Proceed and Jeep Sports.

Wish bone Suspension and monoc body

This setup is similar to the above except the body and transmission sit lower to the ground The suspension has the lower control arms. The diff and transmission mounted on a crossmember which is mounted to the body. These are normally your AWD vehicle and ride at approx 180 to 200mm reducing with bounce and load. These vehicles are raised mainly through the fitting of large tyre sizing.

Vehicles with this setup are Subaru Outback/Lancaster, Mitsubishi Airtrek/Outlander, Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute. The larger 4wd with similar setup is the later models for Mitsubishi Pajero, Kia Sorento, Toyota Landcruiser and Highlander

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